GTC 21 Highlights
7 dagen geleden
NVIDIA GTC For Everyone
14 dagen geleden
NVIDIA's Work in AI
21 dag geleden
Barış ÇETİN Dag geleden
its 2021 still cant afford it
Arcane Paradigm
Arcane Paradigm Dag geleden
how did you come up with that server name ? I have the Nucleus server installed but no where is there a name ?
Arcane Paradigm
Arcane Paradigm Dag geleden
ok i found it in the docs - not sure why you are not showing people the general way everyone is going to use it the first time - you need to put in // localhost // to axcess the default place the installer sets it up
Ravana Brahma Rakshas
Ravana Brahma Rakshas 2 dagen geleden
dont play game. his is time to take gun and fight for your freedom and fight for your life. playing game, while they are killing thousands of you everyday is sort of ignorance and super lame.
KROLOLO 2 dagen geleden
six years without new batman game...
Spooky 2 dagen geleden
allright, 3 grant on a gold board now nvidia got some sense.
2ndLastJedi 2 dagen geleden
Who is here mid 2021 still waiting on this for racing Sims?
Claude The BOOF
Claude The BOOF 3 dagen geleden
Pretty ... pretty ... pretty good
Damien Scott
Damien Scott 5 dagen geleden
Fifa 2021 has some spectacular hair on new consoles.
victor adolfo salas llamosas
victor adolfo salas llamosas 5 dagen geleden
la matrix ya esta lista jajaja
Mark Mondejar
Mark Mondejar 5 dagen geleden
Stupid! why not the pc case, instead of something that ended hidden. This is why NVIDIA is losing the race.
Rafael Nogueira
Rafael Nogueira 6 dagen geleden
Well thank you,NLposts, for suggesting this video to me with 15 years late
George S
George S 6 dagen geleden
Why you don't put the links for the connectors ? Where someone can download/install the connector ? You post a video and you show us something that noone knows where to find it or how to find it .. -1
Arcane Paradigm
Arcane Paradigm Dag geleden
the connectors are in the Omniverse launcher - if u dont have that you dont have the program anyay - its pretty obvious once you have it though
Alex Coop
Alex Coop 8 dagen geleden
No more delivery jobs no more cdl trucker jobs byebye 100million jobs they got rid of servers cooks and ect next up is teachers and airlines and military
Alex Coop
Alex Coop 8 dagen geleden
Man when the car can cook me food and let me sleep and block out sun and let me play video games while driving call me otherwise this is another pos Car that will be out of my price range
ELIKYA.TV 8 dagen geleden
Sun Angel Yoset Disotuar Durruthy Flashlights
Sun Angel Yoset Disotuar Durruthy Flashlights 8 dagen geleden
Angel Yoset Disotuar Durruthy
DaVeZeD 8 dagen geleden
dont know why i got this in recommendations now.
Tzabarpho 9 dagen geleden
April fools haha funny joke
Hamzix 10 dagen geleden
funny how things turned in 2021 with ray tracing cards
Luis Lee
Luis Lee 10 dagen geleden
So you cowards turned off the comments in actual video cuz you can't even say huh for the shortage of graphics cards huh?
Merry Sanjenbam
Merry Sanjenbam 11 dagen geleden
I am here 2021
ProMAN 11 dagen geleden
am i the only one here in 2021
Charles 12 dagen geleden
Buncha fkn legends nvda Tsla 🚀🚀🚀
Rafael Nogueira
Rafael Nogueira 12 dagen geleden
lol This aged pretty well
Jony Bepary
Jony Bepary 13 dagen geleden
oh please, ancient whatever. now stream at videos in 4k even 8k on mobile devices.
Luminescent Lion
Luminescent Lion 13 dagen geleden
Watching this after Tesla started making their own silicon instead of buying it from NVIDIA
Harrington Luke
Harrington Luke 13 dagen geleden
two of the smartest man
Holy Light
Holy Light 14 dagen geleden
2 guys thought the same fundamentals. GPU was the junction to their destination.
Ronin Camiro
Ronin Camiro 14 dagen geleden
Jeees fre stiling so hardd hes vibing
Ronin Camiro
Ronin Camiro 14 dagen geleden
Wtf am i watching ?
Andrei Mina
Andrei Mina 14 dagen geleden
Why are these on Shield and not Switch is beyond me, it's literally the same Tegra X1 architecture for Christ sake
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide 14 dagen geleden
love demoscene
Swaraj Kothekar
Swaraj Kothekar 14 dagen geleden
that would have been amazing if Lisa Su was there too
verydump • 27 years ago • edited
verydump • 27 years ago • edited 15 dagen geleden
Can’t wait for going to stripclubs
DiPlata 16 dagen geleden
Second Life 2.0?
Nikolai Sedov
Nikolai Sedov 16 dagen geleden
Fortnite bad Unreal Tournament good :D
roman bogdanov
roman bogdanov 17 dagen geleden
Уш3щ2щ9 89
Jon Nyassae
Jon Nyassae 17 dagen geleden
I am considering a different Graphics card that doesn't need to know my facebook/email and phone number just to get updates. WAY TOO INTRUSIVE for a stupid graphics card.
ChiarEu 17 dagen geleden
Dacia forță!
Darryl Jones
Darryl Jones 18 dagen geleden
Bruno xd92
Bruno xd92 19 dagen geleden
I'm in 2021: what the f*ck
AMOGUS SUS 16 dagen geleden
KuraiShidosha 19 dagen geleden
You know why this never came about? Because Nvidia glossed over something pretty important for this to work right: monitor angles. You need to have the exact angle correct for your monitor setup and there is no interface or means to do this. Not to mention, who the hell even knows the angle of their monitors to the exact degree? Nobody. The tech is there, it works, it's really cool, too bad nobody can use it.
Negnav123 19 dagen geleden
My 2080 is STRONGER then a 780Ti, even if i onwed one once upon a time.
James Harryson
James Harryson 19 dagen geleden
Can Omniverse be connected with Reallusion iClone? Please update it for us. That's will be great to all iclone users.
DesertCookie 19 dagen geleden
This is cool but not what I expected. I hoped this would allow me to remap the A-B and X-Y buttons on my third party gamepad as they are swapped (Nintendo configuration).
Doug.V 20 dagen geleden
Why NLposts, why have you recommended this to me. I mean it could’ve been a random funny meme or something but this, now this is just amazing 😂
Insanu sholeh J.G
Insanu sholeh J.G 20 dagen geleden
What the hell brayen. Please make gtx 1050 ti again
PSYKONAUTA MUSIC 20 dagen geleden
I’ve been waiting for this monent for 20 years! Freaking amazing!!!
AntonioModer 20 dagen geleden
imoaskar imoaskar007
imoaskar imoaskar007 20 dagen geleden
imoaskar imoaskar007
imoaskar imoaskar007 20 dagen geleden
A T 21 dag geleden
now i love nvidia even more... now I can pass my drawing exams!!
Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy 21 dag geleden
He should try this with the 3090
Mete Kaan Demiryürek
Mete Kaan Demiryürek 22 dagen geleden
And now they're killing the sli
Ronnocbot 22 dagen geleden
Music at 3:02?
Phillip Patrick
Phillip Patrick 22 dagen geleden
This is such an amazing tool. I can make completely original references for the backgrounds in my paintings.
LunarXVII 18 dagen geleden
hey, any idea how to make it output normal images? all i'm getting is blurred color.
crazieeez 22 dagen geleden
I don't know what I just watched.
BEN ZED 23 dagen geleden
Andrew Nevarez
Andrew Nevarez 23 dagen geleden
I have ATI rx6800 xt AGP can I use SLI
TheIndieGamesNL 23 dagen geleden
the tech could be cool in the future but its still pretty limited at the moment every landscape would more or less look the same
different games master hands
different games master hands 24 dagen geleden
I have problem with gforce expierence when i turn on my fps it shows N/A how can i fix that plese help me
Jiayang Ruan
Jiayang Ruan 24 dagen geleden
Is lidar used? Is HD map used ?
Moe Downs
Moe Downs 24 dagen geleden
mr. huang is the real father of the switch
Gamer Max
Gamer Max 24 dagen geleden
Bruh the comments are really old
Antares ZR
Antares ZR 24 dagen geleden
英伟达的格局和眼界 是真的高, DIY只是科技发展的边角料,怪不得老黄自己不开矿厂不挖矿,哈哈哈
Lalith Manohar
Lalith Manohar 24 dagen geleden
They weren't even lying "Ready for every gamer" Except they forgot to add "Ready for all budget gamers"
Thot Deputy
Thot Deputy 2 dagen geleden
FLOPPA 25 dagen geleden
Was this actually used in a game?
lucas m
lucas m 25 dagen geleden
ive been replaying the borderlands series and this effect is amazing in 2 and the pre sequel good ol times
Baštīańツ 25 dagen geleden
Elmore Gliding Club
Elmore Gliding Club 26 dagen geleden
Ok, so is is this saying that AddFunction(a, b), with <<<n>>> defined, tells Cuda to add the vectors at the same instant and to use all available cores with one i being processed in each core?
Manel Cubillo
Manel Cubillo 26 dagen geleden
Hi friends Very good videos on this channel. I have a question, why sometimes using certain materials, a notice appears, saying that my GPU does not have enough memory to render that scene? This appears in the middle of work. My Graphic Taegeta is Powerful RTX2060 .. Can it be solved? Thanks !!!
Chaosgremlin 26 dagen geleden
Who goves a shit, i play planetside for the gameplay and community. If I wanted to look at something visually pleasing Id go outside.
운수 양의 개인 회의실
운수 양의 개인 회의실 26 dagen geleden
아 ㅈㄴ 갖고싶다
Kimore Parducito
Kimore Parducito 27 dagen geleden
"Boys, we will raid this instead of area 51"
potato_ man
potato_ man 27 dagen geleden
2:10 thought it was cheese
mrLeL 187
mrLeL 187 29 dagen geleden
thicc boi
r2d 2
r2d 2 29 dagen geleden
water 29 dagen geleden
When is this coming out!?!?!
Whodini6likesSharpGF Maand geleden
Still a beast, even half a decade later.
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer Maand geleden
Is it a procedural generation?
Zalfi Hafizh
Zalfi Hafizh Maand geleden
When RTX Quadro laptop 2021??